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Citrus Fair
Cloverdale Citrus Fair : 1965 S. Thibodeau

In 1976 I took a class in B/W photography in high school and can still remember the darkroom and watching a print come up in the tray. In 1996 I picked the camera back up and began another adventure in imaging. I have been involved in music and found that photography was a natural compliment. Little did I realize how deep photography really is and like music some people invest their entire lifetime in the sport. I have decided to be as creative as I can given the limited amount of time I have to accomplish a wide range of interests.

I see beyond the immediate literal of an image into the graphic representation. I see patterns and chaos in nature and humanity. Each of these elements coexist to create a world rich with fabrics and textures of many dimensions. There is a psychological aspect to imagery that continues to intrigue me, from absolute beginners mind to the causation or emotional response, conditioning, and authority. I have to remind my self to keep it simple. That is where the gold is at in all expressive sports.

Thanks for visiting I hope you enjoy my work.

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